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PWM Solenoid
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Proportional /
PWM Peak and Hold
Current Controlled
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Electronic Engineering and Circuit Design Services

APM, Inc. is able to supply complete custom electronic circuit designs to your exacting specifications. APM, Inc has been supplying embedded electronic controls and electronic circuit designs for over 25 years for a wide variety of industrial, automotive and commercial applications.

APM, Inc. welcomes inquiries on full custom circuit designs or variations on our existing standard products. For assistance with your application, contact APM, Inc. directly via phone or attach your specifications and e-mail

Electronic Engineering Design Services Electronic Engineering Design Services Electronic Engineering Design Services

Electronic Circuit Application Areas

  • industrial measurement and control
  • automotive electronics
  • HVA/C controls
  • electronic motor, actuator, valve control, solenoid drivers (PWM / linear)
  • commercial electronics
  • manufacturing, production, and engineering test equipment and interfaces
  • embedded electronic circuits and controls for OEM product applications
  • conversion of PLC based products to those using embedded circuits
  • industrial electronics reshoring

Electronic Engineering Areas

  • electronic circuit design
    • embedded microcontroller
    • digital circuits
    • analog circuits
    • power circuits
  • embedded PID controllers
  • data acquisition and control
  • custom transducer amplifiers
  • instrumentation and measurement equipment

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